Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in our projects. This web page aims to provide information on selection criteria for prospective students.

Multiple positions are available for graduate studies in Biorefining and Remediation Lab at Dalhousie University. We are looking for highly motivated, dedicated and hard working students who are interested in the area of phytoremediation, algal biotechnology, anaerobic digestion and application of supercritical fluid in reaction and extraction.  

Selection criteria:

·      Minimum GPA of 3.7/4.3 for the last two years of both BSc and MSc for PhD applicants and the last two years of BSc for MSc applicants.  

·    For the applicants interested in biotechnology, anaerobic digestion and bioremediation, prior experience in the area of biotechnology and bioengineering is a plus.

·    Candidates are required to work independently as well as being able to work in a team

·    If you are interested in joining us at BRL@DAL, the first step is to officially apply for the Department of Process Engineering and Applied Science through the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Refer to the Faculty of Graduate Studies website:

·    Our projects are multi-disciplinary, and we accept applications with background in Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biology and Chemistry.

·     When the experimental work starts, approximately 80% of the time is often spent in the lab. Particularly, the projects in the area of biotechnology and bioremediation, require active presence in the lab for routine sampling, monitoring the biological system and performing analysis. Students who enjoy working as an active researcher in the lab are encouraged to apply for these projects. You may check our recent publication entitled: Anaerobic Digestion of Thin Stillage in a Novel Anaerobic Baffled Reactor to get an idea about the nature of the work and the level of required research activity in this area.


Funding available for the graduate students


·     Please refer to the FGS web site for the comprehensive list of scholarships

·    The common scholarship are Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Graduate Scholarship (NSGS) and Killam Predoctoral scholarships. You can find the criteria and application forms at the following links.

·     Our team is part of NSERC-CREAT programs in the area of conversion of waste to value-added chemicals and remediation. NSERC-CREATE provides targeted training and scholarships for students. Below are the links to the NSERC-CREATE programs:




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