Welcome to Biorefining and Remediation Laboratory at Dalhousie

The goal of Biorefining and Remediation Laboratory is to mitigate the environmental impact by innovating in refining of renewable resources and remediation process development.


Integrated Biorefinery


The goal of this research is to develop sustainable processes by employing the concept of integrated biorefinery and circular economy. Our current work is focused on an integratd system for anaerobic digestion of thin stillage produced in corn-bioethanol plant and microalgae cultivation for nutrient recycling and bioenergy production. In this work, we particularly target the water-energy nexus area as the center of implementing innovation. Our recent initiative is focused on processing lignocellulosic biomass for the production of value-added chemicals within the concept of biorefinery.


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Sustainable Natural Product Recovery and Pharmaceutical Processing


The aim of this research is to develop novel and benign processes with reduced environmental impacts for the recovery and purification of bioactive molecules from various sources such as microalgae, berry, sea cucumber and fish oil. The use of supercritical fluids for extraction and pharmaceutical processing is our main focus area in this research.


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